COVID-19 Response Kit

For Advisors

The COVID-19 pandemic and extreme market volatility has clients and prospects on edge, looking for safety. Request a copy of our powerful 7-Piece Response Kit that helps position you as a source of guidance and peace of mind.

During uncertain times like these it’s mission-critical to communicate effectively with clients and prospects. Advisors who do will gain trust, show expertise, and grow their practice. We can help. Complete the form to request your copy of this powerful communication tool.

Included in the Kit:

  • A customizable email to send to clients
  • A training webinar titled “The Coronavirus & Market Volatility: Calming Client Fears and Building Retirements” from one of our top-producing advisors
  • “Safety in a Volatile Market” client-facing white paper with tips and concepts applicable to our current situation.
  • A 1-page PDF on “Coronavirus in Perspective” (how markets have responded to epidemics over the last few decades)
  • A helpful white paper with tips on communicating with clients during times of crisis
  • “How to Do Business During COVID-19” strategy guide
  • A white paper to help illustrate the importance of guaranteed income solutions.

The COVID-19 Response Kit is absolutely FREE and available exclusively to agents and advisors who work with Tarkenton Financial. So don’t delay, complete the form today and get started!

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