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RWS Seminars™

Your solution to consistently being in front of qualified prospects while reducing your marketing costs

One of the biggest barriers to trying a new marketing program is the cost. Marketing can be expensive, and your marketing budget isn’t limitless.

That's why we’re excited to introduce RWS Seminars™, a proven marketing system that will provide you with better leads for less money and little effort.

With our system, you’ll always know exactly what your maximum cost will be, and you’ll never pay for more than you get – that’s a guarantee.

RWS Seminars™ delivers:

  • Between 15-20 households at your event
  • An average of over $200,000 in closed premium, per event
  • All administrative tasks managed for you
  • Turnkey presentation, materials, and training provided

Gain instant access to our complimentary 5-page guide and learn about a marketing system that removes the downside risk and gives you all of the upside potential.

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